Characteristics of Bone China Mug

- Jul 31, 2018-

① appearance: porcelain delicate and transparent, beautiful and elegant style, colorful surface moist bright, colorful flowers.

② high-grade: Produced in the United Kingdom, has long been the British royal and Noble Special porcelain, is the world's only recognized high-grade porcelain, both the use and art of double value, is a symbol of rights and status, known as the King of China.

③ Health Products: the production of bone China is the main choice of animal bones of carbon, bone china will not contain other porcelain products excess lead and cadmium.

④ technology: Two times sintering, the process is complex, only the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, Thailand has production.

Three features of bone porcelain cups:

A. Cover the cup on the bulb (of course, you can also light on the good), strong transmittance, soft color for the top grade.

B. Milky white, smooth glaze, porcelain and light quality products.

C. Tap with a porcelain spoon or flick with your fingers, crisp and loud, like a zhong.