Choose ceramic mug for drinking

- Sep 25, 2018-

In general, we will drink water to replenish the loss of water in the body, workers often use plastic cups to drink water, experts suggest, from a health point of view, ceramic mug is the first choice of drinking water.

Disposable paper cups only look hygienic and convenient, in fact, the product qualification rate can not be judged, whether clean, sanitary, and can not be identified with the naked eye.From the point of view of environmental protection, we should use disposable paper cups as little as possible.Those who do not pass the paper cup body is generally very soft, after pouring water easy deformation, some paper cup sealing is poor, the bottom of the cup easy to infiltrate water, this is easy to hot water scald hands.

Metal cups, such as stainless steel, usually contain stable metal elements, but they may disintegrate in an acidic environment. It is not safe to drink acidic beverages such as coffee and orange juice.

Plastic cup because plastic often adds plasticizer, contain a few poisonous chemical substance, when filling hot water or boiled water with plastic cup, poisonous chemical substance is very easy to dilute into water, and microstructure of plastic interior has a lot of pore, there is filth among them, clean not clean easy breed bacterium.So, when choosing plastic cup, must choose the water cup that accords with national level edible grade plastic place makes.

Glass contains no organic chemicals during combustion.When you drink water or other drinks in a glass, you don't have to worry about the chemicals being drunk into your stomach.The surface of glass is smooth and easy to clean.But because of its strong thermal conductivity, glass is easy to hot.If the water temperature is too high, glass may burst, so try not to get hot water.

Drink water should first selection ceramic mug.Not only is the material safe, can bear high temperature, still have relatively good heat preservation effect, drink hot water or tea is good choice.