Coffee cup type and purchase knowledge

- May 19, 2020-

Coffee cup

Most people often cannot correctly distinguish the difference between a coffee cup and a red cup. Usually, in order to spread the fragrance of black tea, and to enjoy the color of black tea, the cup has a shallower cup, a wider cup and a higher light transmission, while the coffee cup has a narrower cup and a thicker material. And the light transmittance is low.

1, coffee cup type

Coffee cups generally have two types of pottery cups. In recent years, under the concept that coffee must be heated and heated, the cup makers even cooperated with this kind of stress to develop pottery cups with thermal insulation effect, even better than porcelain cups. The bone china cup, using the bone china cup containing the animal ashes in the texture, can make the temperature of the coffee in the cup slow down. However, because its price is much higher than the previous two, the average family is rarely used, only in the more versatile cafes.

2, coffee cup color

The coffee liquid is amber in color and very clear. So in order to show the characteristics of coffee, it is best to use a white coffee cup in the cup. Some neglecting this problem in production, the various colors on the interior of the coffee cup, and even the depiction of complex fine patterns often make it difficult for us to distinguish the coffee brewing from the coffee color.

3, coffee cup purchase

When choosing a coffee cup, you can choose according to the type of coffee and the method of drinking, and then with your personal preferences and drinking occasions. In general, pottery cups are more suitable for deep-fried and full-bodied coffee, while porcelain cups are suitable for coffee with a lighter taste. In addition, the use of small coffee cups of less than 100 cc is generally used for drinking Italian coffee, while the coffee with higher milk, such as latte or French milk coffee, uses a mug without cup holder. In terms of personal preference, in addition to the appearance of the cup, it is necessary to take it up and see if it is convenient, so that it will be convenient and comfortable when used. The weight of the cup is suitable for light weight selection, because the lighter cup has a dense texture, and the texture is dense, indicating that the raw material of the cup is fine, and the surface of the cup is tight and the pores are small, so that the coffee scale is not easily attached. Cup surface.
4, coffee cup cleaning

As for the cleaning of the coffee cup, due to the excellent quality of the coffee cup, the cup surface is tight, the pores are small, and it is not easy to adhere to the coffee scale. Therefore, after drinking the coffee, as long as it is rinsed with water immediately, the cup can be kept clean. After long-term use of the coffee cup, or if it is not washed out immediately after use, the coffee scale adheres to the surface of the cup. At this time, the cup can be soaked in lemon juice to remove the coffee scale. If you can't completely remove the coffee scale at this time, use a neutral dishwashing detergent, damp it on the sponge, gently wipe it, and then rinse it off with water. During the cleaning process of the coffee cup, it is strictly forbidden to use a hard brush to scrub, and to avoid the use of strong acid and alkali detergent to avoid scratching the surface of the coffee cup.