Development of tea Sets

- Jul 31, 2018-

"Food is not as good as the United States" has always been the Chinese people's way, from the extensive type of soup development to sip slowly drink, the human drink tea has undergone a certain historical stage.

Different ways of drinking, naturally produced the corresponding tea sets, tea is the history of the development of the most important carrier, for us to interpret the ancient tea drinking life provides an important physical basis. Tea originated in southwest China's Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou area, the Han Dynasty in Sichuan province, the economy has been quite prosperous, tea drinking at the time of the scholar life is increasingly prominent. Wang Bao, "The son about" in the record "cooking tea, has been covered," explicitly mentioned brewing use of the set. The Three Kingdoms Zhang Yi's "Guangya" Record: "Jing ba tea leaves for cakes, into the rice paste out of the, if the first to drink the red color, the end of the porcelain, with the soup poured, with ginger onion ...", indicating that the tea cake was baked first, pounded into the end of tea into the porcelain bowl, and then rushed into the boiling water, drink and add some onions, ginger and other spices.