Maintenance of tea Sets

- Jul 31, 2018-

Purple Pot is the treasure of tea, but to make the purple pot to show the real personality, there must be the right way to raise pot, bubble pot is the best way to raise pot, specific can be divided into the following six points:

Clean the inside and outside thoroughly

Whether it is a new pot or an old pot, before raising the pot body of wax, oil, dirt, Cha, etc. clear clean.

Avoid getting oiled.

Purple pot Most bogey oil, stained with a must immediately wash, otherwise the soil will not absorb tea, all leave oil mark.


The more times the tea, the more the pot absorbs the tea juice, the earth tires absorbed to a certain degree, will be through to the pot table issued moist like jade light.

Rub and brush to moderate

The pot table is soaked to the tea juice, with the soft hair small brush, will the pot in the tea sell the sale to scrub, flushes with the boiling water, then uses the clean tea towel to rub the test to be able, avoid unceasingly to push rubs.

Clean and dry after use The tea is finished, to remove the dregs clean, lest produce peculiar smell, need to reorganize again.