Pottery and porcelain, frustration VS elegant dialogue

- Jun 02, 2020-

The simplicity of pottery, and the mellowness of porcelain, each telling different coffee reviews. Some people like to use the thick and pottery cups to hold the masculine deep-roasted coffee, but most people still use porcelain cups to interpret the fineness of coffee.

Among them, the bone china made of high-grade porcelain clay and mixed animal bone powder has a light texture, soft color, high heat preservation, and can best retain the warm memory of coffee.

Put the coffee in a cup of just the right temperature, the warmth of the mood, of course, with a warm cup to hold.

The warm cup, although only a simple step, is the key to preserve the coffee. Because, just after the boiling coffee, once poured into a cold cup, the temperature suddenly drops, the fragrance will be greatly reduced.

In your own temperature cup, the easiest way is to flush directly into the hot water or put it in the dryer to warm it up. If you entertain a table at the same time, you can burn a pot of water and invade all the cups together.

Before tasting coffee, don't forget to warm up a cup of good heat and completely seal all the flavors of coffee.