Selection of tea Sets

- Jul 31, 2018-

Tea set in China's long history of teas is the focus of the product, in the love of tea Friends Eyes is an art. So how do you pick a tea set?

Ceramic sea expert ideas, for you to sum up 12 points. Expert advice One: beauty.

Dragon Play Bead Ceramic Tea Set The teapot is its own use, so choose the shape and appearance of the teapot.

As long as personal preferences, personal feelings of choice, the most important thing is to see their comfortable satisfaction.

Expert pointing two: texture. Tea with the pot, is generally based on sand, because the sand utensils absorbent and not light, the shape of the porcelain than the muddy affinity, in the above withdrawals also have charm, so generally on the sand pot than porcelain pot popular.

As for the texture of the teapot, it is mainly based on fetal bone and color-moistening.

Expert advice three: pot taste.

In the purchase of new pots, should sniff a smell pot, some of the new pot may be slightly tile taste, this can also be selected, but if the smell of burning or other miscellaneous, such as oil or artificial absorbant is unworthy.

Expert advice four: precision. The precision of the kettle refers to the close degree of the lid and the body, the higher the density, the better, otherwise the tea is sloppy.