The definition of bone-mug

- Jul 31, 2018-

Bone china Definition: Bone porcelain is the abbreviation for the name of Bones porcelain, is the animal's bone charcoal, clay, feldspar and quartz as the basic raw materials, after the high temperature and low-temperature glaze burned two times a porcelain fired. The so-called bone china was invented by the British in 1794.

Because of the addition of cattle, sheep and other herbivores in their clay ashes (with cow bone meal for good) and named, is environmentally friendly green consumer goods. Bone porcelain color of natural bone meal unique natural milk white. Generally speaking, the raw materials containing 25% of bone meal of porcelain can be called bone china, the international recognition of bone meal content of more than 40%, the best quality bone porcelain generally contains 51% of high-quality bovine bone meal. Among them, the bone meal composition is more than 40%, the appliance color is more milky, belongs to the high-grade bone porcelain.

China's only Tangshan, Zibo, and other small number of manufacturers to produce exports. After the grouting, molded embryo, gypsum mold dehydration, as well as the initial burning, glaze burning, decals, such as paper baking process, after high temperature firing, become a high whiteness, high transparency, porcelain exquisite fine porcelain. In the firing process of bone china, its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other physical and chemical indicators are very high requirements, thus the scrap rate is very high. Because of the materials used for exquisite, fine production, strict standards, so the value of higher than other porcelain. The unique firing process and the addition of bone carbon, so that the impurities in China clay are eliminated, bone china appears more white, delicate, transparent, lightweight, very few flaws, and more than the general porcelain thin, a special sense of cleanliness in the visual, intensity is higher than the general porcelain, is twice times the daily porcelain.

The higher the content of bone meal, the lower the composition of the clay, in the process of making the more easy to crack, in the formation of the need for higher technology, increased the difficulty of burning, so more precious.