What is the difference between bone china cup

- Apr 23, 2020-

1. Different raw materials

Bone china is made by adding about 30% of herbivore bone meal (preferably beef bone meal) to the ceramic raw material. It is made by three high-temperature firing, low-temperature glaze firing and decal firing three firing processes.

Ceramics are a world-famous process in China. The raw materials of these porcelains are mostly kaolin, porcelain stone and a small amount of lime.

2. Different notification transparency

The role of the bone powder channel is to increase the transparency of the porcelain. The general bone porcelain will contain 30%-45% animal bone powder, so the raw bone powder of bone porcelain makes it very permeable, and ceramics generally do not have Good permeability, thin ceramics such as Linglong porcelain can transmit light.

3. Different thermal insulation

Bone China's thermal insulation is also better than ordinary porcelain, can make better tea or coffee.

4. Difficulty in cleanliness

Bone china is not oily, even if you use the bone china cup to drink some soup with oil, just rinse with water and wipe dry. Ordinary ceramic tableware, tea stains and perennial oil stains are assisted by various detergents such as baking soda.