What tea set with what tea

- Jun 30, 2020-

China has a wide variety of tea sets and beautiful shapes, which is a splendid page in Chinese tea culture. As a tool for drinking tea, Chinese tea has a process of development and change. What kinds of tea are there, and what do you care about when placing tea sets? Types and uses of tea sets

1. Clay tea set

Although the clay tea set has high hardness, it will not be porcelainized. Observed from the microscopic aspect of the tire, it has two layers of voids, that is, the inside is clustered particles, and the outer layer is scaly particles. The two layers of particles can form different pores. It is precisely because of these two characteristics that the purple sand teapot has a very good Breathability, can better maintain the color, aroma and taste of tea.

2. White porcelain tea set

White porcelain tea set has the characteristics of dense and transparent blank, high glaze, high pottery, no water absorption, clear sound and long rhyme. Because the color is white, it can reflect the color of tea soup, with moderate heat transfer and heat preservation performance, plus colorful, different shapes, it can be called a treasure in tea drinking utensils.

3. Celadon tea set

The celadon tea set is more famous for its delicate texture, dignified shape, green glaze and elegant patterns.