1915 : Activate And Precipitate The Traditional Culture Gene Of 2,000 Years

- Oct 11, 2018-

"1915" liling ceramic international cultural characteristics as liling three block "billions" project, one of the subprojects will play exhibition, business travel, leisure, innovation, modern business four big functions, use opportunely "travel +" + "culture," "exhibition +" "+" by science and technology, vigorously activate genes of traditional ceramic culture, show adequately and inheriting Chinese ceramic culture and effective demonstration ceramics industry transformation and upgrading, a sharp rise in the liling ceramic brand influence.

"1915" is to commemorate liling glazes under the colorful in 1915 the first Panamanian world exposition gold glory, and expect to create brilliant future. On July 18, the block marketing center was officially opened, marking the transformation and upgrading of liling ceramic industry and vigorously promoting the development strategy of ceramic brand culture in an all-round way.

On the evening of the opening ceremony held a series of strategic signing ceremony: CAI cuckoo, Wei Chubin, xiao-lan zhang, synthetic pred iction of famous artists, national and provincial ceramic masters are signed in, and a number of well-known represented by state kiln ceramic design, the production, the article creates the brand enterprise and hatching success venture capital institutions, other quality resources are gathered to block.

Liling, as a result of ceramics and continuously known by the world. Liling, which is infused with new vitality by the "1915" liling international ceramic cultural characteristic block, will better go to China and the world!