Ceramic Art In The Financial Crisis

- Nov 17, 2018-

I'm sure the most of people are familiar with the word- financial crisis. It has become a hot hit word, and many people are thinking about how it will affect art market. Actually, financial crisis has affect the ceramic cup art market to a great extent.

Lehman Brothers Holdings ,the fourth-largest investment bank inthe United State, is the best example. After their bankrupty, the behavior of President Richard Fuld was brought to the attention of the public. His wife, Kathy Fuld, she auctioned off a lot of collectibles in Nov. The total painting is estimated to be worth$20 million in abstraction, and the event seems to have become a testment to that The  Shadow of Selling Art during the economic crisis. But in fact, Kathy admints she has a habit of giving away art every year, but this time the behavior seems to be inferred. Ceramic art can be sold when confidence is low. Burt for most wealthy people, investing in ceramic cuo art often takes up only a small fraction of their total assets. Even when sold, does not address pressing needs and is often not sales-oriented.

They have not received any calls from Russian art collectors or Russian collectors of western European art. This shows that the art market as a real thing is in the eyes of collectors. The virtual securities market is creduble. So now there is a view that under the financial crisis, the art boutique market has become a safe haven, especially classic art.

Although traditional art cannot appear in the larket due to the shortage of resources. its value makes people have a strong confidence in it while there are many predictions that the RT market will continue to slump, the more optimistic scenario is that some have realized that buying valuable art in the current situation could be a big art market.

Make a profit after the economic crisis.  Some reaserch data suggest that when financial conditions are poor, art trading can flourish. Many people would buy ceramic cups after the art went through the economic crisis, the great depression of the late 1920s and the oil crisis of the 1970s. Although the overall wealth of society is shrinking, the art market is not bad.  As a result, the art market is not particularly affected by financial and macroeconomic effects. The art market is not as bad as thought Crisis are often hidden behind them.