Ceramic Cup Cleaning Method

- Nov 14, 2018-

We often face the the fact that the new ceramic cup, whether the coffee cup or tea cup, will be duty with a lot of stain after we used it for a while. But the problem is how to clean it? 

For protecting the intergrity of ceramic cup, most people can not bear to wash the stain with some hard objects, such as cleaning balls and steel balls, they want to keep their cups beautiful and once the cup is damaged they are afraid they can not find a such one again. In fact, except the bone china, other material cups, the enamel, white porcelain, and reinforced porcelain are enough hard to sustain these hard tools to wash. Enamael, white porcelain or refinforced porcelain, the original ceramic cups are pure clay, firing temperature is about 1200 degrees. So the three materials of the cup are not delicate, they have a strong hardness, and do not need any maintenance measures.  As long as thre cup is perfect you clean the cups in these tools in time, the cups will remain as new.


However you need much more speacial care when you clean bone china ceramic cup. This material of bone china is made from a relatively expensive materials of mixing animal bone powder and the clay material. It is fired twice by high tempreture and low temperature glaze. You can use hard tools, such as cleaning balls and steel balls, when you clean the porcelain with good transparency, bright and glazed surface made from bone china. But there some better ways for you to wash them. You can use a towel to wipe the lemon juice or vinegar .It's easy to damage the cup, if you clean it directly. Meanwhile, It's necessary to take care of in normal use. 1. Do not place it in the microwave oven, 2. do not wash it in the dishwasher, 3. if there are scratches in the cup, rubb it by hand with a toothpaste,4. yuo can use the detegent of PH value between 11-15 to clean it.