The Ceramic Mug- II

- Dec 12, 2018-

          Ancient Chinese ancestors created porcelain from a very early age, which not only improved their living standards, but also made a great contribution to world civilization.Porcelain has advantages over pottery and metal ware.For example, porcelain is characterized by cleanliness and hardness compared with earthenware because it has a smooth and impervious glaze.Moreover, porcelain is a kind of utensil with various shapes that people need after processing cheap ore materials. Because its processing process is relatively simple, porcelain has the advantage of cheapness compared with the utensil made of metal materials.This is an advantage of porcelain in its natural properties.

           At the same time, due to the shape of easy to shape, beautiful and changeable glaze and colorful decoration, so that it has a high cultural and artistic content.Therefore, porcelain has been both a practical object and a work of art since its production.