Ceramic Cup With Heart By Hand Craft

- Nov 29, 2018-

With the progress of human history, the art of ceramic cups has developed from practical and aesthetic to unique style.

Nowadays, people like ceramic art to express themselves. In order to express their feelings and make them have more fun in life, they hope to dilute the indifference of mechanical civilization through mechanical civilization. "Manual work", get plain, quiet, return to the psychological feeling of nature. In modern life, we can think of earthenware as a kind of seasoning.

Imagine the position of a small piece of pottery in a modern home. Although it is insignificant compared with luxury furniture and high-end household appliances, it has a visual effect. People can't be ignored. Ceramic lampshade hangs on the wall of pottery and porcelain cup or put on the table, all sorts of irregular shape, wait like rectangle, triangle, circle, ellipse, it is coarse. By carving various random geometric patterns on the surface.

Warm and pure, do not see gorgeous packaging, replaced by a strong human touch. If your home is beautifully decorated, it's a good place to put some fine porcelain. THE ceramic cup will extend THE interior space without traces of THE master's taste. In the country style, a thick set of ceramic cups will be decorated. It will change the room and see the warmth behind the simplicity.

In fact, today's ceramic art is not only a kind of self-esteem of the ceramic cup itself, it has been integrated into modern life, ceramic cup has become a fashion, it is also more and more. It's very popular in the city. Almost every one of us has had the experience of playing mud in our childhood. The affinity with the earth seems to come from human nature.A set of mud is held in the palm of your hand and can take any shape, whether the result is satisfactory or not. After all, I poured your emotions and left a mark of the heart; the earth has a simple, easy-going, natural and intimate beauty, which is in harmony with the human being, and it is easy to make and easy to shape,it is a kind of conductive to modern people. Entertainment. When food and clothing is no longer a problem, industrial civilization is about to be indifferent, attention to spiritual consumption, the pursuit of self is an inevitable choice. Back to nature. Pottery art has a strong cultural and artistic atmosphere, characterized by the hand, for modern urbanites to bring taste and warmth.