China's Industrial Brand Journey To Liling

- Sep 29, 2018-

Liling ceramics to create "industrial cluster regional brand" further.On September 27, "China's industrial brand journey to liling" started, the ministry of industry and information technology of the construction of quality brand technical support institutions, brand experts and scholars gathered liling, a comprehensive understanding of liling ceramic development achievements, the exchange of industrial brand construction experience, for the realization of "China liling · color porcelain world" brand objective collusion countermeasures.

The “China's industrial brand journey” is a national and public welfare industrial brand exchange activity guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The goal is to explore and cultivate and promote outstanding industrial brands to better display the brand image of Chinese manufacturing.

Liling is a ceramic historical and cultural city in China, the local ceramic industry as one of the top ten landmark industry of hunan province, at present, has formed a set of ceramic materials, ceramic manufacturing, ceramic machinery, ceramic pigment, distribution logistics is the integration of complete industry chain, products include porcelain, porcelain and craft porcelain, industrial ceramics, ceramic five series more than 4000 varieties, annual output value 70 billion yuan, 15.3% of the global ceramics market, among them, the international market share of 34.5% higher electric porcelain.

The "China's industrial brand journey to liling" will last until the 28th, during which the Industrial Brand Economic Forum, the Fuling Ceramics Exhibition and the Fuling Ceramics Enterprises will be held on site.


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