Grasp The Way To Collect Ceramic Cup Porcelain

- Nov 08, 2018-

Actually, ceramic cup porcelain collection always is a hot spot now or ever. But not everyone knows how to identify the genuine one in many porcelain collection. The article aims to lead you to find the right way to identify a real good ceramic cup.

The first thing you need to pay more attention is that you have to grasp three words- true, fine, new, which are the three basic principle we often say. Many ceramic cup porcelain collectors may ignore the knowledge of porcelain. They often use the wrong method - statistics +estimate when they choose what porcelain is worth collection. In fact, each porcelain cup represents its own social, artistic, cultural, religious and other aspects of existence that are accord with its age. 

Take the porcelain of late Tang Dynasty which is the right time for realizing the value of porcelain as an example. That the Green porcelain in the south,and the White porcelain in the north is the situation of Beigebai in southern Qing. The reason is that they made the style composed the green scenery of the southern green mountain and the snowy mountains in the north. That is to say, it is necessary for us to know about the history or other knowledge of porcelain. The effective way we recommend you to check the porcelain in this era depends on whether there are any traces of excavation.

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Another thing is that, think about the history ,we have to know the New of porcelain does not mean that the collection is longer than the current time, but depends on its integrity and flawless. Its precisely because porcelain is fragile that more intact it is, the higher the price.