How Liling Ceramics Industry Keeps Calm Under The Background Of Sino-us Trade Friction

- Sep 27, 2018-

Since 2018, trade frictions between China and the United States have been intensifying.Under the background of sino-us trade friction, liling ceramics industry is still calm and unflappable. 

Ceramics is a traditional export industry in liling, hunan province. Among them, the output of domestic ceramics accounts for 95% in hunan province, 14.3% in China and 10.8% in the world.There are 650 ceramic enterprises in Liling, 192 enterprises above designated size, and nearly 200,000 employees. Products are exported to more than 150 countries and regions around the world.In 2017, Liling daily-use ceramics self-operated exports reached US$24.687 million, a year-on-year increase of 10.81%, accounting for 63.72% of all self-operated exports.The current concept of health has brought ceramics back.

China's diverse kaolin formula porcelain, a variety of color flower pattern decoration, high-efficiency and high-yield production enterprises make the daily-use ceramics have a price advantage.Brand ceramics countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and South Korea are now sourcing large quantities of Chinese daily-use ceramics.Compared with Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and India,Liling's mature ceramic industry chain has advantages in quality and cost.

The United States is liling ceramics the second largest export area after the European Union.In 2017, the self-export of daily-use ceramics to the United States reached us $6624.19 million, accounting for 17.55% of liling's total self-export.In the first half of 2018, the self-export of daily-use ceramics to the United States reached us $41,746,600, accounting for 20.06% of liling's total self-export.

According to the analysis of liling branch of state administration of foreign exchange, household ceramics represented by cups, plates, bowls and saucers are consumer goods just in need. There is a lack of domestic production enterprises in the United States, while Chinese ceramics have advantages in cost compared with other parts of the world, which is more affordable for American consumers.As a result, daily-use ceramics are less likely to be added to the U.S. tax bill.According to the overview of foreign trade of ceramics in 2017 released by China light industry chamber of commerce, the total amount of us import of daily-use ceramics does not account for a large proportion of the total import of the United States, which is still a very small category.

In the past few years, liling daily-use ceramics industry has withstood the RMB appreciation and the European Union's anti-dumping measures against China daily-use ceramics, the international market competitiveness has been enhanced, liling municipal bureau of foreign exchange said. The city's Exports of household ceramics have increased at an average annual rate of 10 percent despite the yuan's nearly eight-year one-way appreciation against the US dollar. The European Union (eu) has imposed an anti-dumping duty of about five years on imports of Domestic ceramic tableware from China, beginning on 16 May 2013.As a sample enterprise, hualian porcelain industry obtained a separate tax rate of 18.3%, another 44 liling enterprises received a tax rate of 17.9%, and other enterprises received a punitive tariff of 36.1 %.Nevertheless, the average annual growth rate of liling's daily-use ceramics exports to the eu remained above 20% in the past five years.

According to the leading enterprises in the daily-use ceramics, the chairman Xu Junqi hualian industry: in the face of the eu anti-dumping, liling ceramic enterprises have become accustomed to, despite the pressure is big, but it was found that in such a market environment is a struggle to enterprise's experience, more force businesses constantly blaze new trails, improve the quality of products, so as to win the market.Since the anti-dumping of China porcelain industry in the eu, the export growth rate of China to the eu in the past five years has been more than 30% due to the improvement of product quality. In particular, the export volume to the eu from 2015 to 2017 was 77.79 million yuan, 108.38 million yuan and 167.33 million yuan respectively.

Most of the responsible ceramics companies in Liling City are optimistic that the US market has a strong demand for ceramic products, and the absolute advantages and brand effects of Fuling ceramics industry. The Sino-US trade friction has little effect on the Fuling ceramic industry. They will also respond to Sino-US trade frictions with a peaceful attitude and accelerate the development of the daily ceramics market in other countries and regions.