How Many Kinds Of Porcelain In China

- Nov 20, 2018-

China is the home of porcelain. The invention of porcelain is a great contribution made by the Chinese nation to world civilization. In English, the word "China" has become a synonym for "China" .In English, the word "china" has become a synonym for "China" . 

Early Porcelain appeared in China as early as the middle of the Shang Dynasty in the 16th century BC. Because it is still rough in the body or in the glaze firing process, the firing temperature. The fire temperature is also very low, showing originality and transience.Porcelain originated from pottery, Ceramic Cup of the invention of ancient China is the first. In the experience of firing white pottery and printing hard pottery, one comes to understand. Lost it. There are three requirements for firing porcelain: first, the raw materials must be minerals rich in quartz and serpentine, such as China stone, clay or Kaolin. Second, the firing temperature must be above 1200 °c.

The glaze was fired at a high temperature. As a product of the transition period from ceramic to ceramic, the original porcelain has the characteristics of compactness, durability and easy cleaning. Compared with all kinds of pottery, it has a beautiful appearance and broad prospects for development. The continuous improvement of the original firing process level and output has laid a foundation. 

Later, porcelain replaced pottery as the main tool in the daily life of the Chinese people, and the Chinese Ceramic Cup evolved from the development of pottery. The original porcelain source was discovered more than 3,000 years ago. 

By the Song Dynasty, famous porcelain kilns throughout most of the country, China's porcelain industry is the most prosperous period. At that time, kilns, Guan Kiln, kiln known as the five famous kiln. The blue and white porcelain produced in Jingdezhen in the Yuan Dynasty is called Jingdezhen Porcelain. The capital has become the face of porcelain. The glaze of blue-and-white porcelain is as transparent as water, and the carcass is thin and light, with blue decoration on white porcelain. Ions. It's elegant and fresh and full of life. Blue and white porcelain became popular and porcelain cups became the crown of Jingdezhen's traditional porcelain. 

The four famous items of blue-and-white porcelain are blue-and-white porcelain, Famille rose porcelain and colored glaze. In addition, there are sculpture porcelain, thin porcelain, colorful Possel. Wait, these are exquisite and unique. Colorful porcelain is one of the great inventions of ancient China. The words "China" and "China" are the same in English, which is totally demonizing. The fineness of Chinese porcelain can be said to be representative of China.