Huarui Ceramic Customer Case--Coca-Cola

- Mar 13, 2020-


This is coke in our customised huarui industry a Christmas gift. The biggest characteristic is the glass embossed logo on it.


Customers in the most began to find when we directly illustrates the purpose is to customize with embossed logo with ceramic cup. Our salesman is customer first to see our previous embossed glass case. We have a lot of successful cases ceramics manufacturer, customers also very detailed reference again. After the communication with agent series of smooth chose we make to order samples first.

In the process of customized products, ceramic manufacturers of professional designers in our design under the design is successful, the customer provides the thoughts and ideas, our designers also gave some Suggestions, in case the consent of the client has made some subtle changes. Finally the rendering on customer satisfaction after we then began to arrange proofing products.


Product proofing out to clients, after got the satisfactory answer, said this is what they want. At the same time until they find other suppliers in proofing can't solve the problem of uniform color, receive our products of other suppliers have not yet begun to do at the same time. Immediately and enter into a contract with our salesman and began to arrange the bulk production.


Huarui industry has ten years experience in factory, the production process is very smooth, factory production and quality inspection to control strictly. Make the finished product is very perfect. Finally smoothly as scheduled delivery, the customer said later and will come again we need.

Huarui industry professional custom production supply all kinds of specifications picture of ceramic cup, can be customized according to various needs of the customer design, so as to adapt to the needs of different customers different USES. I plant the production of ceramic cups, can be used in the office, family, factory of water use, also can be used as fruit juice, beverage and other consumer goods affiliate advertising promotional gifts, ceramic cups can also according to your need to print you need all kinds of text, graphics, and images, etc.