Huarui Customized Case---Sensodyne

- Mar 11, 2020-

This is Sensodyne in our customised huarui industry a ceramic cup, used as a feedback customer.


   Customized requirements metal plating bronze billboards and the metal collet high acceptance criteria are put forward. At first, we have not been very bold take up this list, indeed, because is not very good. For customers to our trust and our spirit of enterprise, huarui industry and closely to discuss again with the designers and the production department, we still take the list.

   Customer screening screened several factories to arrange proofing, appearance and quality of our products the most satisfied with the acceptance results. Followed by one-time down from the 200000 cup's order, signed contract accounting good ceramic cup project with the client after we immediately began to put into production. Huge quantity, and brand listed high acceptance requirements. Our salesman fear laxity, follow up the production all the way, in order to let the customer to get the perfect batch ceramic cup.


  Production colleagues strictly enforce standards, quality inspection personnel daily work overtime, prevent cracks appearance of defective.

  Final delivery obtained the customer high praise, and said will and if there is a chance we cooperate.