Introduction To Ceramic Cup Ingredients

- Jul 31, 2018-

The main components of ceramic cups include kaolin, clay, porcelain stone, clay, coloring agent, blue and white, lime glaze, lime alkali glaze and so on. Jingdezhen Ceramic Cup is mainly made of kaolin ceramic material, which is a kind of clay mainly composed of kaolinite.

Because first discovered in the Jiangxi province jingdezhen northeast Gao Ling Cun and named. Its chemical experiment is: al203 2si02 2h20, the percentage of weight is: 39.5%, 46.54%, 13.96%. Pure kaolin is dense or loose block, the appearance is white, light gray. Contaminated by other impurities, can be black brown, pink, beige, and so on, with a creamy sense, easy to squeeze into the hands of powder, calcined color white, high degree of fire resistance, is an excellent porcelain raw materials.