Liling 1915: The City Is Poorly Understood, But Its Products Are Well Known Around The World

- Oct 10, 2018-

This city with a weak sense of existence, in fact, the product has been many times to brush your circle of friends

"Starbucks has a new limit!"

Every time starbucks launches a new season of limited cups, it's a carnival of daigou and starstruck fans, followed by a photo shoot of all the poses in the circle of friends.

Buying one is not enough. It takes all to show your love for the star dad.

Those irresistible mugs, three or four of ten from the same place - liling.It's not just starbucks' strong backing:

For every ten pieces of ceramics that China exports, four come from liling;

For every ten pieces of daily porcelain in the world, there is one from liling;

Electric porcelain, an important basic part of global power industry, 1/3 from liling;

Liling, with a population of only one million and an urban pattern of 2,000 square kilometers, is a pivotal ceramic industry. This small city, containing enough to shock the ceramic industry huge energy.