Liling International Porcelain Fair Opened

- Sep 26, 2018-

The opening ceremony of the 2018 China hunan international tourism festival and China (liling) international ceramic industry expo was held at China ceramic valley international convention and exhibition center on the evening of sept 25.It is reported that this ceramic expo will last until October 2.

The theme of this session is "splendid xiaoxiang shennong fortune land · colorful Liling".Organized and planned a total of 11 series of activities.Including China ceramic valley, global artist village recruitment, tourism arts and creative works invitational."Colorful porcelain feast" gourmet festival,The opening ceremony and "the night of hunan porcelain tour",Hunan tourism promotion conference,"Splendid xiaoxiang" travel agents and media in and out of China,Travel around zhuzhou - dynamic zhuzhou tour, international "kiln" rolling music festival, exhibition and sales of ceramic tourism products, liling travel of Chinese industrial brands, investment project signing and other activities.,Currently, a total of 436 ceramic enterprises have applied to participate in the exhibition, including foreign enterprises from 31 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Spain and Russia.

                                                    Exhibition background

China gets its name from porcelain, hunan liling is flourishing because of porcelain, having "world underglaze multicolored porcelain origin", "China ceramic history and culture city", China three ancient "porcelain capital" and so on numerous titles.

Liling porcelain industry as one of the top ten landmark pillar industry in hunan province, is the key of the priority to the development of the province 50 support of industrial cluster, after years of development, liling ceramic covers the daily-used porcelain, porcelain and craft porcelain, engineering ceramics, ceramic materials, such as five series over 4000 varieties, the whole city ceramics and related enterprise has developed more than thousand, employing nearly 200000 people.The total industrial output value of ceramic enterprises accounted for 54.9% of the scale industry of the city.The output of ceramics accounts for nearly 95% in hunan province. It has a number of leading enterprises such as the largest household ceramics production enterprise in China, the largest electric porcelain sleeve enterprise in China, the largest stick pillar electric porcelain enterprise in China and the largest ceramic bottle production enterprise in central and southern China.The total output value of the ceramics industry will reach 100 billion yuan by 2020.

The holding of the 2018 China (liling) international ceramic industry fair in liling, which is famous for its colorful porcelain in the world, will drive the development of the whole industry of liling color porcelain and even Chinese ceramics.

                                                      Exhibition review

The last exhibition was grandly held for 11 days from September 28 to October 8, 2017 in the China ceramic valley international exhibition center in liling, hunan province.

During the exhibition, 1,342 guests and 21,000 domestic and foreign merchants gathered in China city.462,000 tourists from home and abroad visit the major exhibition halls of China expo;The total traffic flow in and out of the exhibition halls reaches 796924 vehicles, and the number of vehicles is 111862.Over 75 news media have focused on liling, and over 300 reports have been made by media at all levels, with over 10,000 reprinted online.20 series of activities such as exhibition, exhibition and sales, the development peak of ceramic industry, BBS, etc.On the site exhibition and sales of 100,000 pieces of fine ceramics, the site transaction amount is about 120 million yuan, and the contract amount is 650 million yuan.About 1.045 million tourists were received in various scenic spots of the city, and the tourist revenue reached 423 million yuan.Thirty-two projects have been signed, with a total investment of 18.2 billion yuan.