Pien Tze Huang

- Mar 16, 2020-


One is art tradition, is a new born. Piece of wang Huang toothpaste and Shanghai art film studios, cross-border cooperation, will "make heaven" image of IP and seed Huang toothpaste "functions" of main efficacy relates in together, not only has practical value, very cultural memorial significance. It is a seed Huang sun wukong joint in our factory cartoon gift mugs.


Customers is through the website to contact us, the most began to find our custom is said to understand ceramic cup business. Our salesman like customer recommends some spot cup type and other case pictures to the customer. After communication with the salesman of customer eventually choose we try to do a few samples first. According to the customer to provide IP image and copy, our professional designers do the design, process is very smooth, soon to be finalised.

Client side time is tight, we put the sample pictures in the past, directly to the company, not choose express way. A line of people to see the finished product is very satisfied to the company, and see our success stories, with a detailed process and may encounter problems, we are all professional solutions, also arranged to visit the factory. And will sign the contract on the spot, to determine the glass down.

This series gifts cup is made of high quality porcelain as the carrier, combined with our unique design, and according to the requirements of the mature technology, finally completed a nice work! Demonstrate on a whole series of glass is the great heaven appeared in all kinds of image, has a lot of nostalgia. In order to keep pace with The Times, every cup with some accord with the present people psychological copy, also is very interesting. Overall, theme is clear, concise and easy, pure and fresh and bright eyes, let a person is in love.


From customer order to delivery, in all staff's efforts, our factory was finished ahead of production with good quality and delivery process. After customers get response is also very good. For we said thank you very much! At the same time, we also want to thank the customer support and trust to us! Because the customer support and trust is the reason why we insist on with power!

Huarui industry professional custom production supply all kinds of specifications picture of ceramic cup, can be customized according to various needs of the customer design, so as to adapt to the needs of different customers different USES. I plant the production of ceramic cups, can be used in the office, family, factory of water use, also can be used as fruit juice, beverage and other consumer goods affiliate advertising promotional gifts, ceramic cups can also according to your need to print you need all kinds of text, graphics, and images, etc.