Process And Precautions For Making Ceramic Couple Cups

- Dec 08, 2018-

The process of making ceramic couple cups and precautions. Ceramic cups are made into ceramic couple cups, of which there are two types of simmering:

1. The ceramic cup is reduced to burn (from 0 °C to 1000 °C, at this time, the venting hole is opened to make it burn more vigorously until the porcelain burning temperature is burnt out).

2, oxidized and burned (0 ° C has been heated to the temperature of deuteration, the product is lighter).

The preparation of raw materials for making ceramic lovers cups (the raw materials are divided into two types):

1. Plasticity raw materials, ceramic cups are mainly clay natural minerals, including high territories, high water and high territories, which plasticize and bond in the billet.

2, no plasticity of raw materials, ceramic cups in which quartz can reduce the viscosity of the blank. The burnt part of the quartz is deeply decomposed in the feldspar glass to increase the viscosity of the liquid phase, prevent high temperature deformation, and act as a skeleton in the porcelain blank after cooling. It prevents cracking and deformation when the body shrinks. The feldspar belongs to the flux material. It dissolves a part of quartz and high territorial decomposition products after melting at high temperature. It can bond high-viscosity glass after melting, and can increase ceramics. The compactness and strength of the couple's cup.