Process Introduction Of Ceramic Cup

- Jul 31, 2018-

1, practice mud: From the mining area to take porcelain stone, by shui Dui Shang Chung fine, washing, remove impurities, precipitated into a brick-like mud block.

Then use water to reconcile the mud, remove the slag, rub with the hand, or trample with the foot, the mud regiment in the air squeeze out, and make the mud in the water evenly.

2, pull billet: The mud group thrown in the Windlass car turntable Center, with the method of stretching and pulling out the general shape of the body.

3, printing: The mold is the shape of the body in accordance with the arc-cut, will be dry to the half of the billet covered in the mold, evenly according to the outside wall of the body, and then demoulding.

4, the billet: will be covered in the windlass car on the barrel, turning the car, with a knife, in the thickness of the body appropriate, clean and smooth, this is a high technical requirements of the process.

5, Drying Billet: the processing of the formation of the billet placed on the wooden racks drying.

6, engraving: bamboo, bone or iron knives in the dry or semi-dry body to depict the pattern.

7, glazing: ordinary round mouth using dip glaze (will be immersed in the glaze basin, when the mouth along with the glaze surface when immediately put forward) or swing glaze (glaze slurry injected into the billet inside shaking, so that the top and bottom evenly glaze, and then quickly pour out the excess glaze), the machine (relative to the "circle", "" "" round "refers to the formation through the method of forming round vessels, such as bowls , plates, discs, etc. And the more complex molding process of vessels, such as bottles, zun, pots, cans and so on, is called "" "" "" "or" "" or large circular glaze blowing (method is the bamboo tube covered with spinning, dipped in the mouth after the spray nozzle, so repeatedly, the blank surface can be evenly thickness of the glaze layer).

8, burning kiln: The time process about one day and night, the temperature is about 1300 ℃. First, the kiln door, ignition kiln, fuel is pine wood, the pile workers technical guidance, survey the fire hou, master kiln temperature changes, determine the ceasefire time.

9, glaze: glaze color such as multicolored, pastel, etc., is in the porcelain glaze painted on the painting patterns, fill the color, and then into the red stove to low-temperature baking, temperature about 700℃--800℃. In addition, before burning kiln is in the body of the billet painting, such as blue and white, glaze red and so on, it is called Glaze Red, its characteristics are in the high temperature glaze, never fade.