Read The Taste Of Culture In Chinese Ceramics

- Nov 27, 2018-

In-depth examination of the ceramic industry, from the basic to performance, including four elements, I put it into 16 words. It has a long history, ceramic culture, unique technology and shape, modern technology.

At present, there are many government clerks, ceramic industry practitioners are experts, they are talking about adjustment, rectification, upgrading, transfer, investment, elimination, resources, the environment and other issues. Ceramic Industry in the protection of different occasions, brand, the future and other related issues.

If there is a bias, I think because I do not understand and understand the four elements of the Ceramic Cup industry. Ceramics in China for thousands of years is indestructible world they of course have their natural existence rationality, will not be with the temporary consciousness of short-sighted individuals and disappear. How many of the thousands of families in his world today do not have ceramics? I would like to ask, in the developed countries in the world economy, which countries do not have ceramics?This is the basic starting point of ceramic industry. How to make a few rare Chinese original hair industry has a long history. Ceramics are similar to traditional Chinese medicine. Is An important part of Chinese culture. The world can learn about Foshan from Foshan (Shiwan) ceramics, about Yixing from Yixing's purple clay ceramics and about Chinese culture from its ceramic displays. In the world-famous museums, refrigerators, televisions and cars are all very good, people will only be regarded as modern technology products, it is difficult to read the taste of culture. 

Ceramic grinding, molding and calcination is one of the most characteristic processes in the world. The raw material of the Ceramic Cup is crushed for the first time, and is roughly measured by Micron, and the precision reaches nanometer level. Molding is restacking particles.

Calcined to fix the shape of the object, the realization of a certain conversion. People often only see how industry pollutes and destroys the environment. In fact, the technical efforts applied to the Indus River make it the most qualified to complement environmental protection. Maybe one day, people will find that the ceramic industry has the most advanced science and technology in the world. In recent years, with the help of modern technology, the main products of ceramic industry have changed from handicraft industry to modern industry.

Isostatic pressing, automatic press molding, roller kiln firing, magician fabric, various automatic control, adjustment and detection methods have been introduced into the modern and the most advanced applications. Techniques. An average worker in the contemporary Ceramic Cup industry can create an annual output value of 500,000 yuan, indicating that the industry has become one of the national advanced ranks. Conic. Even if the industry's resources, environmental protection and the two major issues, but also through scientific and technological means can be reasonably resolved. However, the current selling price of Chi Nese products can not temporarily bear the increase in input costs.