The Advantages Of Ceramic Cups

- Jul 31, 2018-

1, ceramic cups and plastic cups compared to the lack of plastic cups caused by harmful gases and substances, according to experts confirmed the long-term use of plastic cups have cancer.

2, ceramic cups are completely harmless, it will not be like a metal cup, long-term use will have the possibility of ingestion of harmful metals.

3, because of the existence of ceramic cups so that molten iron does not directly contact with carbon bricks, the structural design alleviates the infiltration, erosion and erosion of the molten iron and alkaline material on the carbon brick, and the mullite and Brown corundum are the advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity, which have high corrosion resistance and scour resistance.

Eliminate the brittle layer of large chunks of charcoal bricks.

4, improve the molten iron temperature, reduce heat loss: Ceramic Cup is made of carbon brick than the low thermal conductivity of the material composition, play a separate layer, and thus reduce through the furnace bottom and furnace cylinder heat lost.

In this way, the molten iron can maintain a high temperature and create a good energy saving condition for the next step process of converter production.

5, easy to re-wind operation: Because of the insulation effect of ceramic cups, during the blast furnace wind, heat loss reduction, conducive to return to normal operation when the wind.

6, to prevent molten iron leakage: Because the ℃ isotherm is hot metal solidification line close to the lining of the inner surface, and was moved close to the expansion of refractory materials due to the swelling of slightly positive brick seam is reduced, so the penetration of molten iron is limited so that the risk of burning furnace cylinder to the minimum.