The Ceramic Mug-Ⅳ

- Dec 18, 2018-

China's porcelain both White, translucent thin fetus; there are gray, Brown, black, opaque. But the carcass section has glass phase, sintering degree is good, water absorption is low, it should be said to be up to the standard of porcelain. In Chinese there are only two concepts, "pottery" and "porcelain, " while in English there are three classes of porcelain, porcelain, meaning porcelain that fully meets modern standards; Stoneware, translated by a Chinese scholar, is still not a popular word Some scholars simply call it half ceramic; others earthenware or pottery. The reality is that the things that China has been producing for a long time, especially in the vast north, should be called stoneware. However, both ancient Chinese literature records, or the study of modern scholars, the first two are collectively referred to as porcelain.

The production of porcelain requires people to have a full understanding of the plasticity of porcelain clay, high-temperature smelting technology can be mastered. With the understanding and control of these physical and chemical reactions, porcelain was born. It can be said that the production process of porcelain is a process of turning decay into magic, fully demonstrating the human knowledge of nature, the ability to transform and excellent creativity.