The Underglaze Of The Colorful Porcelain Originated In Liling To The World-class Porcelain Capital

- Oct 08, 2018-

Input the design drawing to the computer, and then connect to the 3D printer, and the precisely controlled extrusion head will extrude and stack different colored paste clay materials according to the design path.Two hours later, a cartoon figure of Buddha appeared.

This is the field demonstration of the printing equipment independently developed by the ceramic 3D printing institute of liling city at the China (liling) international ceramic industry expo.Exhibitors from 31 countries and regions including the United States, Canada and Italy gathered in liling, the country of origin of underglaze multicolored porcelain in the world, and carried out technical, cultural, economic and trade exchanges at the expo held on sept 25, solstice, oct 2.

Liling, an important ceramic production and export base in China with a history of porcelain making over 1900 years, is promoting the comprehensive upgrading of the ceramic industry through creative design, technological innovation and cultural tourism, and is making efforts to become a world-class "porcelain capital".

Liling is in eastern hunan province. In 1908, liling hunan porcelain academy developed five kinds of underglaze color pigments, including black, blue, red, brown and green. A hundred years ago, liling produced "lentil double poultry bottle" across the sea, the "Panamanian Pacific world expo" gold award, well-known overseas.

Since the reform and opening up, liling has increased its efforts in research and development. Over 4,000 varieties of five categories, including daily porcelain, electric porcelain, process porcelain, industrial ceramics and new ceramics, have flourished, and won over 1,500 national patents in China.

According to official statistics, liling's ceramic industry reached 70.1 billion yuan (the same below) in 2017, with 650 enterprises and nearly 200,000 practitioners.

As one of the most important ceramic production and export bases in China, liling ceramic's "circle of friends" is getting bigger and bigger. Its products are sold to more than 150 countries and regions, and the export volume of daily porcelain and electric porcelain ranks the first in China. Liling is produced in 1 out of every 4 ceramic cups in the world. Liling underglaze multicolored porcelain has always represented Chinese culture overseas. 1 billion people around the world live on stoneware via platforms such as ikea and walmart. It is widely involved in global power infrastructure.

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